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Dan proudly endorses the following companies and their amazing products:

Yamaha Drums

Dan uses an assortment of Yamaha drums.  On tour with Michael McDonald he uses a new Recording Custom kit augmented with Yamaha electronic drums.

In the studio - Dan's uses Birch Absolute, Maple absolutes and Maple Customs along with dozens of Yamaha snare drums.

Dan has been with Yamaha drums since 1997.

Paiste Cymbals

​Dan has been using Paiste products since he was 11 years old.  Some things never change.  Today he uses an assortment of Signature, Master Darks, 602's, and Traditional cymbals for both live & studio applications.  Because of the hand craftsmanship of the cymbals - their musical sensitivity and dynamics are at the highest level.

Vic Firth Stick

Dan uses Vic Firth sticks and brushes because they simply are the best product.  In particular - he uses 5A Extreme sticks and the Jazz Brush.  The balance and musicality of VF products are unsurpassed.  Period.